Photography-News KW 2/2010: 3 Wege wie sie eine fotografische Persönlichkeit werden / 3 Ways to develop your personality as a photographer / 3 Vägar att utveckla din fotografisk personlighet

Heute gibt es einige echte Juwelen für alle, die ihre Fotografie weiter entwickeln wollen. Und es geht ganz bewusst nicht um technische Fragen und Aspekte, nicht um neue Kameras und Objektive. Nein, es geht darum, was Fotografie eigentlich bedeutet und ausmacht. Es geht darum, raus zu gehen und zu sehen. “How to get on the inside track”:

Today i have the great pleasure to present some true jewels for all of you wanting to develop your photography. We are not talking technical aspects. We are not talking about new cameras and lenses. No. Today we want to adress what photography really means. Its about going out, seeing and shooting. How to get on the inside track:

Idag finns det några juveler för alla som vill utveckla sin fotografisk kunskap. Och det handlar inte om tekniska frågor, inte om nya kameror eller objektiv. Nej det handlar om vad som fotografi egentligen betyder. Det handlar om att gå ute och
se. “How to get on the inside track”:

-> Nr. 1: What Makes a Great Photo by Ken Rockwell.

-> Nr. 2: The Death of Photography: Don't Worry: Just Shoot. The people who invented photography are trying to kill it. Will you let them? By Ken Rockwell.

-> Last but not least Nr. 3: There Are No Excuses by Chase Jarvis.

Quote: „I've heard you say that there's nothing to take a picture of. I've heard you say you don't know what to make, when to make it, how to make it, what to do. I've heard you say that you don't know how to get your work "out there". I've heard you say that you don't know what to put on your blog. I've heard. I've heard. I've heard. And I promise you, I too have said all these things. But there really are no excuses...“