Snow, snow, snow

Dont want to bother my dear german readers with snow since it seems to be unusually cold with a lot of snow even in Germany at the moment. Bu the rest of the world might be interested in todays wether in Swedish-Lapland.

I had to think a bit about how to visualize heavy snowfall.


Well the last 24 hours we had a snow storm „at work“ bringing us approx. 50cm of snow.

The day began with the usual try „am i able to open the door without problems?“. It worked though it took a little effort. Then i saw a big white field all over the ground. Masses of snow and quite heavy winds. What a nice morning. Intentionally i had planned to have an outdoor photoshooting in the afternoon. But the client called me - as expected - to ask if we could move the date we had fixed. So i worked a half day in the office an some good 6 hours with the snowblower outside.

Finally i decided to look for a shot to visualize a snow storm. I went into the archives and found this picture (actually shot in 2007). Enjoy and stay tuned.

Snow, snow, snow