Magical mystery mushroom and some news

Magical mystery mushroom

Behind the scenes: This one is really a strange one. About the miracles of nature in Lapland.

Have been on a long walk yesterday, looking for the signs of the beginning autumn as i suddenly stumbled upon this very strange mushroom. It’s been an overcast day and i realized that the mushromm was shining by itself. No Photoshop here. That’s how it actually looked like.

Thought about „maybe some kind of alien attack to come“. Something like this and baptised the thing „magical mystery mushroom“. Any biologists out here, knowing what this is?

And some more news:

- My new review at the German Fotografr Website has been published today. Be sure to have a look. It’s about the „Handbuch Digitale Dunkelkammer: Vom Kamera-File zum perfekten Print“. The Review is written in German.

- Just began to experiment with a new Photoshop PlugIn: Contrast Master (by The Plugin Site). Looks very nice and i will be posting a detailed review soon. If you have any questions regarding this specific plugin and you want me to cover them in the review just send me an email.